How To Grow A Beard: 5 tips

How to grow a beard that matches your chrome dome. Having a beard is something every bald(ing) man should consider to add personality to the face. But growing out a full beard...

How To Look Good Balding: 10 Style Tips

How to look good balding: 10 style tips for balding men. Check with the doctor. A man views his hair as a symbol of his potency and masculinity. Women would be...

Become More Attractive In 10 Steps

Everyone has habits, often associated with bad habits. Little things that can be irritating, unappealing behavior, that without you realizing it make you a less attractive person to others....
How To Combine Your Pants And Your Shoes

How To Combine Your Pants And Your Shoes

How to combine your pants and your shoes with a few easy rules. Jogging Pants A great way to start your lazy weekend mornings. They are comfortable, versatile and not to...
Arnold Schwarzenegger Leg Workout

How To Arnold Schwarzenegger Your Leg Workout

Arnold Schwarzenegger did not skip his leg workout. His leg day was extremely intense. Anybody can do the exercises, but not everybody can do his routine and...
how to remove razor bumps overnight

How To Remove Razor Bumps Overnight

Frequent shavers will have experienced the feeling of razor burn at least once in their life. Whether you are new to shaving and have to improve your...
value of the rolex oyster perpetual

How To Value A Rolex And Find A Bargain

Even though purchasing a new Rolex is for most men a dream come true, it becomes more popular nowadays to obtain a pre-owned Rolex through auctions, but the brand has a...
What is smart casual

How To Dress Smart Casual

You come across dress codes often in your life, whether you are aware of it or not. Looking your best at every occasion you attend, is a skill to...
How To Use Color In Your Outfit

How To Use Color In Your Outfits

The difference between an outfit and a great outfit is the understanding of color, texture and fit. Understanding how to use color and when to use it to...

How To Color Your Faded Jeans To Original State

Everybody has their favorite pair of jeans. Every time you wanted to look good, that was your go-to pair. It has seen the inside of a washing...

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