To soap or to shampoo, that’s the question!

Every bald(ing) man will encounter problems in his life with his royal crown. The most discussed problems are listed below, accompanied by a few suggestion of how to handle them.

5Problem: Deciding on how to wash your head.

Are we using a soap bar, shampoo, body wash or a face cleanser today?


Even though in the end it is your own skin and you should feel comfortable in it, you would like the best care for your skin. For example bars of soap have been related to dehydrated skin, but still people use them, because it’s easy and a habit. Probably the most important thing to do is to exfoliate dead skin with a scrub, especially before a shave. By doing this the razor has a smooth path over your skin and you prevent cuts and razor burn. Exfoliating will also leave the skin cleaner, smoother and softer.

If you have a beard you can use the shampoo for your beard to wash your head. Depending on your skin type and sensitivity you can use organic body washes. Most of them contain extra vitamins, water and oils, beneficial to the skin. It is typical to grab whatever is available in the shower, but taking good care of your skin will have you look great in the long run.



  1. I am 72yrs old …completely bald on top. Over the years I have bumped my head many times which has broken the skin and formed scabs. My head doesn’t have chance to heal properly before I break the skin again. Therefore my skin now is extremely thin, I only have to slightly graze it and the skin just peels back. A scab forms and when this comes off a blister appears. This then forms another scab and the cycle continues. I am unable to heal it permanently. I wear a hat to protect my head but this makes little difference.

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