To soap or to shampoo, that’s the question!

Every bald(ing) man will encounter problems in his life with his royal crown. The most discussed problems are listed below, accompanied by a few suggestion of how to handle them.

4Problem: An overly shiny dome.

Not always a bad thing, but many men list does as an unwanted side effect after shaving. Still it depends on your personal style.


If you want more shine to your scalp, you can use Aloe Vera, coconut oil or olive oil after a shave, blinding everybody around you with reflecting light. For those of you who don’t want to brighten up all video’s, there is the matte look. Some aftershave products offer this. It absorbs all excessive oils from the scalp, leaving your bald head a bit more nuanced with dullness.


  1. I am 72yrs old …completely bald on top. Over the years I have bumped my head many times which has broken the skin and formed scabs. My head doesn’t have chance to heal properly before I break the skin again. Therefore my skin now is extremely thin, I only have to slightly graze it and the skin just peels back. A scab forms and when this comes off a blister appears. This then forms another scab and the cycle continues. I am unable to heal it permanently. I wear a hat to protect my head but this makes little difference.