Again a great style with a red tie and pocketsquare matching his navy blue outfit.
Screenshot from Narcos on Netflix.

From denim to straw hats, these are the top-10 outfits from the narcos series.

10The luxury of the Cartels

Screenshot from Narcos on Netflix.

The new Netflix series about the life of Pablo Emilio Escobar Gaviria is hot! And so are the outfits the characters wear in the show.The fashion from that time is captured in an amazing way, portraying the vibe of the 80’s. Not only many button-up shirts (with or without print) and different facial hair styles come our way, but also the combinations with casual jeans and white sneakers are present. Of course the higher class wears suits, but you can’t deny the charm of a laid-back outfit with aviator sunglasses.

Christian Tappan, as Kiko Moncada, and Orlando Valenzuela, as Fernando Galeano, star as they manage Escobar’s business, while he is “locked up” in his own prison. In this scene they have a heated discussion with Pablo Escobar. Old school denim jeans  with polo shirts are the main fashion of that time. Also the mustache was a big hype in the 80’s.

One version of this outfit in modern times:

Cartel Outfit

Items from this version of the outfit you could purchase here:



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