From denim to straw hats, these are the top-10 outfits from the narcos series.

9The Style of the Sicarios

Screenshot from Narcos on Netflix.

Ariel Sierra depict the hitman “Sure Shot”. Together with Poison they were the main sicarios of the Medelllín Cartel in Season 1. These assassins did all of Pablo Escobar’s dirty work. As teenagers they were recruited and trained to become ruthless killers. Drug murders experienced a new level of violence and it wasn’t long before other cartels in South and Central America would copy these vicious methods.

For the sicarios murder is a job, a way to provide for themselves. Even though many have been killed and arrested since the war on drugs in the 1980’s, still new recruits want this life. In today’s time many post pictures of themselves with money and weapons on various social media. Sometimes that will lead to their arrest.

One version of this outfit in modern times:

Sure Shot Outfit

Items from this version of the outfit you could purchase here: