top-10 outfits from Luke Cage
Screenshot from Luke Cage on Netflix.

From three piece suits to crew neck tees, these are the top-10 outfits from Luke Cage on Netflix.

10All-Black Outfit

Screenshot from Luke Cage on Netflix.

After the tremendous success of Daredevil and Jessica Jones, Netflix expanded today with Luke Cage, a new series devoted to Jessica Jones’ friend with unbreakable skin. Will it match up to the glory of its predecessors or will the critics find their to destroy the indestructible? Whatever that verdict may be, costume designer Stephanie Maslansky has done yet again a terrific job in creating a new look for the heroes of our time.

One example of an outfit that will survive any time is the all-black outfit. It is chic and elegant and where other trends come and go, an all-black outfit is there to stay.  This shade is very easy to wear and to combine with any other items from your wardrobe.

A black outfit doesn’t have to be boring, but on such a canvas not only is the texture of your items important, but your accessories might need even more emphasis. You can add bright colored items, some metallic finishing touches or other statement detailing, like jewelry, shades or a watch.

It can also become quite hot in the summer, so you can opt for more breathable lighter cotton tees and add a blazer if the temperature permits it. A wider cut will help you keep cool, opposed to skinny and slim-fitting tees that keep the heat close to your body.



  1. Luke Cage is way more awesome than tech wizards like Ant-Man or even Spiderman, because Luke is just a normal dude. He works for his money, worries about the rent. Even though he is a hero with unbreakable skin, he is closer to us!

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