Timelapse Video: Growing A Beard


The best way to grow a nice manly beard:

It takes years to grow from a boy into a man, and the same concept applies for your beard. It can take up to a month or longer for that boyish face to start looking like a furry man. So have patience, dedication and let it grow, then you will know what you are working with. Resist the urge to overshape your beard in the beginning. You do need to use a trimmer to even out the hairs once in a week or two weeks. Not all hairs grow at the same length and speed, so you can take a beard comb or brush to make the hairs stand out and trim it at a consistent length.

Having a diet with a lot of protein will give your body the right nutrients to grow more hair. Drinking enough water a day keeps the hair thick and healthy. Sleep will work the charm and a combination of all these elements will contribute to growing a healthy, full beard and a healthy lifestyle.

Keeping your beard in a great condition is necessary to prevent the need to shave it off and start from scratch. You have to wash your beard about twice a week to ensure it is clean and there is no dirt trapped underneath. Try out different shampoos and see which one works for you and your skin, for example the shampoo from Beardsley.

Condition your beard daily with a beard oil, that will add nutrients and keep the bristles soft and easy to groom. Beard oil also hydrates the beard’s whiskers and moisturizes the skin. For example Beard Oil with Kalahari Melon Oil & Vitamin E by Jack Black. Your significant other will appreciate the scent and the feel.

Once you have grown your beard you will have to maintain the lines. A beard does not end at the chin, but you don’t want to have neck fur overlapping your chest hair. So let your hair grow to about an inch or two above your Adam’s apple. It should be full around the jaw and underneath the chin. Everything below the line you’ve made, can be shaved off completely. After shaving it off the first time it will be more easy to define, since you would then just shave the stubble.

Another possibility is to have your beard fade out under the neckline. With clippers and different beard-trimming settings you can create this effect in your neck. You might want to trim the cheeks tighter and leave the hairs a bit longer around the goatee as another style.

It is important to have fun with grooming your beard. There are so many styles to choose from to give your face the personality you want. Have a look at the beard personalities from this chart.

It is not easy to grow a full beard. Especially in the younger years you might struggle with patches on the cheeks. Keeping the beard trimmed will give the appearance of having a full beard. With longer hair the patches on your beard become clearer.  Another way to have the full look, is using beard products. A beard thickener is a spray-on product, which gives great results. Many celebrities use this approach to enhance their look. Keep the color as close as possible to your natural hair color, because nobody wants to look like a chameleon with self-doubt.

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