On a journey with DomeCare Solutions

My order arrived in Amsterdam
My order arrived surprisingly quick in Amsterdam

On my search for a shaving cream from a tube, I came across the product line from DomeCare Solutions, who have “the first anti-aging grooming collection developed specifically for men who shave their heads.”

I decided to give it a try and I am very pleased with the results.

To begin with their service is excellent. I had ordered the “Dome Shave Gel” and the “Dome Relief” with a discount coupon and I received my order surprisingly quick in the Netherlands with a complimentary “Dome Shine Absorber” as well. The wrapping around each product really gave a nice personal touch to it. The products look very stylish and classic in shiny black, so I couldn’t wait to try them out.

I prepared my dome for a shave and applied the “Dome Shave Gel”. I didn’t know exactly how much gel to use, but you don’t have to apply a lot to get a nice transparent layer around the dome.

I noticed immediately that this gel has no fragrance, which is pleasant. Sometimes with other products, when you’ve finished shaving, you can still smell the foam on your scalp.

During the shave it feels like the razor is gliding over the scalp, giving it a softer experience. I tried both new razor blades and blades that were used and blunt. In both cases I didn’t feel like I was “scraping out” my hair. And due to the transparency of the gel you can easily see, if you’ve missed a spot.

I was really surprised with the results after the shave. With most products I’ve used, I tend to get a slippery feel, as if I am on ice. But this gel left my skin softer and smoother, more like silk.

I rinsed my head and applied the “Dome Relief”. This is a calming and hydrating splash. The first thing that caught my eye was the liquidity of the product. Almost like water, it’s easy to apply and it soothed my skin. After this, I didn’t have the feeling I just had a shaving experience, because my skin felt calm and soft. This splash is fragrance free as well, so I had to get used to the scent of the ingredients coming from this product. It is different and adds the feel of a natural product.

I finished my experience with the “Dome Shine Absorber”. According to the makers their anti-aging serum “absorbs the excess oil”, giving my dome a more matte look. Yes, it definitely takes away the shiny appearance, that you tend to have after shaving! 

In conclusion I loved the fact that these products are fragrance free. I had to get used to the scent of the raw ingredients on the “Dome Relief”, but the smell doesn’t stay on the skin. Normally I use a scrub before shaving, so I would love to see their grooming collection continue to grow with more amazing products. The transparency of the gel really makes it a more easy experience and the products left my skin softer and smoother than any other product I’ve tried. DomeCare Solutions definitely offered me a great shaving journey.

On a shaving journey with the transparent "Dome Shave Gel" by DomeCare Solutions.
On a shaving journey with the transparent “Dome Shave Gel” by DomeCare Solutions.


I spoke to Richard Sjouwke, founder and CEO of DomeCare Solutions:

What is the mission of DomeCare Solutions?

Our mission is to help men embrace being bald with confidence. We are here to make it simple for men to take excellent care of their bald domes.

What are the needs and interests of head shavers in your opinion?

Men who shave their heads need products that will not cause irritation and will address their specific issues such as a dry scalp or an overly oily and shiny scalp. The scalp and back of the head can be quite sensitive, so razor bumps and ingrown hairs are also an issue. The signs of aging such as discolorations and wrinkles are also an issue. Our product address all of these needs.

Why did you choose for a transparent gel, instead of a foam. What is the difference in shaving experience?

We chose a glycerin-based gel because it is very emollient. The texture creates a protective barrier between a razor and skin. The clear formula allows you to see where you are shaving. We stayed away from a foam formula as foams tend to be drying.

The hydrating splash is thinner than most moisturizers, almost like water. Why did you choose for this and are there benefits to this?

We choose to create a liquid splash, so it could be used as an after-shave treatment. The formula is full of anti-irritants, which immediately calm and normalize skin. Of course, we also added antioxidants and hydrators. The splash may also be used as a pre-shave treatment. This works especially well for men, who struggle with extra sensitive skin.

I had the feeling that the shaving gel was quite odourless, but the calming splash had a soft odour to it. I couldn’t place the smell, what is it?

All of our products are fragrance-free. Fragrances are irritants and provide no benefits to the skin, other than smelling nice. The smell you are noticing in DomeCare products are simply the raw ingredients.

Are the DomeCare Solutions products for all skin types?

Yes. Our products are appropriate for all skin types. Our DomeShine Absorber works especially well for men battling oily skin, however men with normal skin enjoy the formula as well. Our DomeShine Anti-Aging Finishing serum works well for all skin types and it’s really great for those that tend to have a drier scalp.

What effects on aging, or on signs of aging do the finishing serums have?

Our serums include concentrated doses of antioxidants and cell-communicating ingredients such as vitamin c, vitamin a, vitamin e, hyaluronic acid and more. These ingredients can reduce discolorations and soften the appearance of lines and wrinkles. They also work as a preventative method.

9 out of 10 men have been insecure about losing their hair. This was the same for me. I assume you shave your dome as well. How did you feel about shaving your head for the first time?

Yes, I absolutely shave my head and have been doing so for many years. I opted to shave my head, before it became obvious that I was balding and I have never looked back.

The DomeCare Solutions grooming collection.
The DomeCare Solutions grooming collection. Source:DomeCare Solutions