Joshua J Christensen

One upcoming fashion designer on the West Coast is Joshua J Christensen with his eponymous luxury brand, launched in 2010. Using his experience working as a menswear designer at GUESS?, he designs his own quality collections, which are highly anticipated by his LA-based private clientele. From menswear to women’s fashion and accessories, his work is continued to be featured at fashion week events nationwide. As he is a fashion designer with a clean-shaven dome, I couldn’t wait to ask him a few questions.

When did you start losing your hair and how did you feel about it? 

My hair started thinning when I was around 28 and I finally shaved my head when I was about 30. I was nervous of how I would look, but I made a choice and ran with it. I decided that was how I was going to live my life and never had a doubt since.

Bald men perhaps have stronger options in fashion

Did you have to change your personal fashion or grooming style? Do you have a different and new fashion identity since then?

My personal fashion didn’t really change right away, but I’m sure my new look affected the evolution of what I wore to fit my look. I do feel that my look is part of a progressive fashion identity, that emboldens me perhaps even more than when I had hair.

Do you feel that the fashion world has always been solely focused on people with hair?

I don’t believe fashion has ever favored those with or without hair. Fashion has always been more of a state of mind and anyone with courage can be a part of the exciting and intriguing parts of fashion.

Do the same fashion rules for men with hair apply to bald men?

Fashion is personal and some things work better on certain men. Finding what is comfortable and reflects your personal style is important for all men across the board.

Joshua J Christensen and the models. From the SS16 Lookbook
Joshua J Christensen with his new collection. From the SS16 Lookbook

Do you think there should be more advice for bald men on how to dress? And do you have any styling tips for balding or bald men?

I think that men who shave their head have a powerful look and in my experience I have been able to push the boundaries of my personal fashion because of it. I think men sometimes shy away from high/concept fashion for fear of looking feminine. But as a bald man it’s an awesome combination of the hyper masculine with whatever fashion choice I work with. Bald men perhaps have stronger options in fashion and I would encourage bald guys to get crazy and see what happens.

What is your favorite fashion style? I noticed you wear a beard, combined with a lot of scarfs and hats.

I have to have my beard! One, I love it. And two, it makes my face longer and more mature. I actually don’t wear hats or scarfs often anymore except to travel or in the winter. A T-shirt and jeans usually do the trick for everyday activities, but for events or going out I love to mix prints and colors.

Your designs really have futuristic ideas, where do you get your inspiration from?

My inspiration comes from my life. The movies I see and the music I listen too are very influential. My favorite movies include Equilibrium and The Fifth Element. I’m currently obsessed with musical artists like Clairity, Bebe Black, Kelly Clarkson and Nick Jonas.

I noticed awesome designs in your Spring/Summer 2016 collection. Do you feel that this is your best work so far? What is the most favorite item you’ve designed?

I feel like my work becomes more of me every season and as I progress as a person my work evolves with me. This last collection was amazing and just one more part of my growing and evolving aesthetic. The denim items from this collection were really great for me and I loved all the button-up shirts of course.

You were on Project Runway in 2011 and working on your own brand the seasons after that. How is that coming along? What have been some of the obstacles along the way and what can we expect from you the coming seasons?

Since the show, I was a menswear designer for Guess for a while and then I began working for myself. I create collections every season and show at fashion weeks across the states. I work mainly with private clients, who make orders from the collections, as well as request specialty pieces for events. Growing any business by yourself is difficult. But persistence and learning to accept help had made my brand consistently grow year after year. I’m currently working on 2 collections now and will be showing at a large event here in LA this spring.

You can check out the new SS16 collection by Joshua J Christensen here.

The Denim Look by Joshua J Christensen.
The Denim Look by Joshua J Christensen.
A button-up shirt from the SS16 collection
A button-up shirt from the SS16 collection