history of sneakers
Screenshot from Idle Man's video on YouTube

Online menswear retailer The Idle Man has composed an interactive guideline to educate us on the history of sneakers.

Together with the biggest brands, designers, writers and consumers, they gathered all the information they could get to ensure that every fact is on point. Did you know that the first sneakers were called Keds and that they originated from basic plimsolls without the distinction of the left and right foot? Or that Adidas can give Jesse Owens a lot of credit for their success, when he participated in the 1936 Berlin Olympics and used their shoes? What about the fact that Michael Jordan still earns a whopping $100 million a year due to the popularity of the Jordans?

So look up your fun facts to share at work or educate yourself with the full guide on The Idle Man and watch the video below:


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