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How to grow a beard that matches your chrome dome.

Having a beard is something every bald(ing) man should consider to add personality to the face. But growing out a full beard is more than just an idea. It requires dedication and a routine. This is how you do it.


It takes years to grow from a boy into a man, and the same concept applies for your beard. It can take up to a month or longer for that boyish face to start looking like a furry man. So have patience, dedication and let it grow, then you will know what you are working with. Resist the urge to overshape your beard in the beginning. You do need to use a trimmer to even out the hairs once in a week or two weeks. Not all hairs grow at the same length and speed, so you can take a beard comb or brush to make the hairs stand out and trim it at a consistent length.

Most men give up, when the itching starts to begin, but that will only last for  about one week, so stay patient and reap the benefits later on. It might help against the itch to brush the hair so everything grows in the same direction.



  1. This is some really good information about beard growth. I like that you pointed out that you need to nourish your beard. It does seem like a good idea to take vitamins that will help your beard grown. My fiance has a hard time growing a good beard and it seems like he should try this.

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