How to grow a beard that matches your chrome dome.

Having a beard is something every bald(ing) man should consider to add personality to the face. But growing out a full beard is more than just an idea. It requires dedication and a routine. This is how you do it.

2Take care of yourself.

Stress is one of the bigger factors in hair loss, so if you want to grow a full beard, it helps to relax. Get a massage, do yoga or anything else that will drive out the tension in you. It will also benefit other components in your life. Having a diet with a lot of protein will give your body the right nutrients to grow more hair. Drinking enough water a day keeps the hair thick and healthy. Sleep will work the charm and a combination of all these elements will contribute to growing a healthy, full beard and a healthy lifestyle.


  1. This is some really good information about beard growth. I like that you pointed out that you need to nourish your beard. It does seem like a good idea to take vitamins that will help your beard grown. My fiance has a hard time growing a good beard and it seems like he should try this.