how to remove razor bumps overnight

Frequent shavers will have experienced the feeling of razor burn at least once in their life. Whether you are new to shaving and have to improve your basic do’s and don’ts, or an experienced shaver with years of practice under your belt, anyone can get razor bumps after shaving.

The best way to overcome razor bumps is by preventing your skin to be irritated. This means that you have to apply a few basic rituals, before you shave. To begin the shaving process your pores need to be wide open for a close shave. The steam from a shower will relax the pores and soften the skin, which will make a blade glide smoothly over your skin after taking a shower. An other way is to soak a towel with warm to hot water and lay it on your skin for about 5 minutes to open up the pores.

Changing the blades often will ensure that your hairs will be cut smoothly. There is nothing worse than ripping out your hair with a blunt and rusty razor. Skin irritation will be right around the corner.

And you can try out different shaving creams to see which products work best for your skin type. Different type of lathering and slickness of a shaving cream can help prevent razor burn. In case that you do get razor burn, try to figure where it went wrong and change your rituals.

So how to remove razor bumps overnight, when you can’t prevent it? You can use products like Tend Skin, to sooth your burn, but one tried and tested cheap method by many bald men with razor burn on their scalp is aspirin. If you mix two tea spoons of water with two aspirin pills, the pills will dissolve. You will get a thicker, creamier liquid substance. If it is not concentrated enough, you can add an aspirin pill. Use a cotton ball to apply the liquid to your razor bumps and clean afterwards. For many men this has been the key to a razor bump free skin.

An aspirin tablet contains acetylsalicylic acid which is derived from salicylic acid. It is the beta hydroxyl acid, which calms down the redness, inflammatory and itchiness of the skin. It can help clean your clogged skin pores and reduce the probability of acne formation.