How To Combine Your Pants And Your Shoes
Suit with Oxford shoes or Derby shoes. Screenshots from SuitSupply, ASOS and ASOS.

How to combine your pants and your shoes with a few easy rules.

5Jogging Pants

Jogging pants with sneakers. Screenshots from J.Crew and Nike.

A great way to start your lazy weekend mornings. They are comfortable, versatile and not to forget affordable. When you do get ready to get active in your joggers your combination options are limited.

A sporty look is the easiest to pull off. With neutral shades of jogging pants you can go more eccentric with your trainers. If you want to pull off a smart look, stay away from dress shoes. Chukka boots with a suede texture can be your middle ground between the sporty look and the smart look.

A combination of screenshots from River Island and ASOS.
Jogging pants with chukka boots. Screenshots from River Island and ASOS.