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Everyone has habits, often associated with bad habits. Little things that can be irritating, unappealing behavior, that without you realizing it make you a less attractive person to others. Being aware of these bad habits and changing them and developing good habits can help you grow personally and maybe even gain you new friends.

#1. Focus On Inner Beauty

Take a look in the mirror and see yourself. You are who you are. Accept it. You might be able to change your hairstyle a little bit, the way you dress, but these are all small changes to the outside. The big changes happen within yourself and they can have a lasting impact on you and the people around you. Your beauty comes from your heart and your soul.

#2. Be Positive

Your attitude is what defines you. You can be remembered for your positivism. Having an optimistic way of looking at situations in your life and that of other’s makes it a pleasure to be around you. Inspiring yourself and others to do great, will eventually lead to great things.

#3. Be Polite

A gentleman or a lady is polite. Not only in public, but with your friends around you in private as well. The way you handle disagreements will define you and make people respect you. Having impeccable behavior can set an example for others and be a standard for you.

#4. Be Selfless

Focus on others. Listen to what they have to say. Ask questions to get more information from them. Care about their opinions and their experiences. Getting to know someone can give you new insights, ideas and inspiration.

#5. View Your Friends As Allies

Bond with your friends and take care of each other. When you feel that they’ve got your back and the other way around, you can have peace of mind. You never know, when you need support and it is attractive for people to be around you, when they know that you will always be there for them, no matter what and they will do the same for you.

#6. Know That You Matter

Be confident about yourself that others care for you and that you bring value to their lives. You will have times, that nobody will be around you, but know that your friends will still be your allies, when you see them again. Everybody has their own life, but you have your place in some of other people’s lives.

#7. Be A Team Player

Care about others and let them have their moments in the spotlights. Empower others to do great things and be happy for them. Being aware of the importance of events to your teammates in life will be appreciated and it will add value to your relationships.

#8. Be Equal

We are all the same. No one is better than you, you are not better than anyone. Sometimes you lead, sometimes you follow. Sometimes you control, sometimes you let go. Sometimes you are the boss, sometimes you are the servant. We are all equal.

#9. Be Sincere

A great friend is sincere. People want to be around you, when you are honest in your behavior and genuine in what you have to say. Being able to speak your mind freely and truly is a powerful feeling, and you will learn the most valuable lessons, when your friends are honest with you as well. It is in the best interest for everyone.

#10. Be Reliable

When someone is in need of help and they know that they can count on you to come to their aid, then you are a dependable person. A real friend is someone you can trust and who is reliable.  When you’ve shown that you are dependable, you are more likely to be able to depend on others from time to time as well.

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