crew neck t-shirts

A white tee is an iconic piece of menswear. A white tee with a crew neck is a timeless combination worn by many men with style over the course of history. There are so many ways to combine this shirt with other items from your wardrobe that every conscious man should own a few of these shirts as a basic staple in various colors and shades.

The classic neckline of the crew neck will make your chest and shoulders look broader, giving you a more physical appearance. For bald men this means a more dominant and confident look. When you are lifting weights in the gym this shape will obviously do you justice as well. If you start layering with a jumper over your t-shirt, make sure that your items feature the same shapes. Crew neck jumpers are a great asset for Fall/Autumn 2016.

The V-neck is another classic neckline, but it will make your neck look longer and give you a leaner appearance. That might be an advantage for shorter people who would like to appear longer, or for men who would like to look slimmer. The downside might be that it shows too much of the pecs in a controversial way. If you really would like to show off your muscular physique, you might want to opt for a muscle fit crew neck T-shirt, for example those from ASOS.

So follow in the footsteps of icons such as James Dean and Marlon Brando and start combining crew neck tees in your outfits. Whether you rock a white tee with a leather jacket or with white pants, it is the basic staple in your combination of a classic and minimal look.

Photo from the Mango Man collection.
Crew Neck. Photo from the Mango Man collection.
Photo from the Asos collection.
Muscle Fit. Photo from the ASOS collection.