Former Miami Dolphins player Spencer Strasmore is dealing with life after football in the comedy-drama television series Ballers.

Spencer, portrayed by the A-list actor Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, works for a financial adviser and has to sign and mentor younger stars of the NFL. Even though Ballers is on rotten tomatoes reviewed as “not a game-changer”, the outfits from the show are from another level and portray the successful Miami lifestyle.

Dwayne Johnson is dressed by Robert Mata, who is a long time friend of the star and worked together with him on various occasions. Below are 8 outfits from Ballers Season 1 that can inspire your own dress code.

6Silver + Purple

Screenshot from HBO Series “Ballers”

The combination of fuchsia, purple and pink in the tie draws your eye straight to it. It breathes confidence and joy. This hue is bold and appropriate for warm weather. The pockets square doesn’t match the tie, but it compliments the outfit with its similar shade. In combination with the silver suit you create a sophisticated look.