Spencer Strasmore Ballers
Screenshot from HBO Series "Ballers"

Former Miami Dolphins player Spencer Strasmore is dealing with life after football in the comedy-drama television series Ballers.

Spencer, portrayed by the A-list actor Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, works for a financial adviser and has to sign and mentor younger stars of the NFL. Even though Ballers is on rotten tomatoes reviewed as “not a game-changer”, the outfits from the show are from another level and portray the successful Miami lifestyle.

Dwayne Johnson is dressed by Robert Mata, who is a long time friend of the star and worked together with him on various occasions. Below are 8 outfits from Ballers Season 1 that can inspire your own dress code.

8The Tan Three Piece Suit

Screenshot from HBO Series “Ballers”

After the Victorian Era the rules of formality loosened up and made way for the modern business suit in the 19th century. The three piece suit adds the waistcoat to the two piece jacket and trousers. This is an ideal way to show your layering skill, while remaining stylish. This tan colored three piece suit works perfect with the golden tie and an earth-toned pocket square to draw attention of the eye. It has a flashy Miami vibe and the light hue makes it appropriate for a hot day.