Shaving creams
Photo: Pixabay

Men who shave their head have plenty of choice what products to use and it can become confusing. There are shaving creams, oils, gels and soaps to use, for brightening up that scalp. Generally you should stay away from shaving creams in an aerosol can, if you want a great shave. Most creams from a tube don’t have added ingredients that dry out your skin, they work with natural oils and provide a richer lather. Below are five creams, popular under men who shave their head.

Cremo’s Shaving Cream

This product can be beneficial to use on days when you are in a rush or on a business trip. It is a non-lathering cream, that you can apply with an amount of water. It will become very slick and it provides good protection. It reduces your problems with nicks and razor burn, with a scent similar to citrus. The downside is that it becomes tacky very fast, so you need to re-wet your head in order to bring back the slickness. For a thicker yet slick lather it is optional to mix it with another cream.

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Pacific Shaving Company’s Shaving Cream

This cream is very popular among men. It is described as a “low-lather” formula, but a quarter inch of the cream and a bit of warm water will give you enough lather in a bowl for 4 passes. This makes it longer lasting than many other products out there. The glide with this cream is above average, and even though this is a natural product without added chemicals it still provides a smooth and close shave. Men with sensitive skin should try this product out.

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Proraso’s Shaving Cream

This is a classic all-round shaving cream made in Italy. It can be used for every type of skin and that makes it perfect for beginners of the wet shave. The menthol ensures a refreshing shave, whereas the eucalyptus oil and coconut oil keep the skin soft. Natural oils in combination with a thick and creamy lather will protect the skin, reducing the chances on razor burn and nicks.

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Headblade’s HeadSlick Shave Cream

This was one of the first products in the world designed for shaving both head and face. Its packaging is original and users of the HeadBlade razors are highly enthusiastic about this cream. It leaves you with a hint of menthol smell and it cools your skin when shaving. The lather isn’t that thick, but it provides for a slick shave.

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Jack Black’s Supreme Cream

This products provides a “Triple Cushion Shave Lather” for extra protection against nicks and cuts. Its ingredients include macadamia nut oil, glycerin and soybean oil, which works as a great moisturizer and it provides a slick shave. It is a more expensive cream in comparison with the other creams, so you might find this cream in more high end stores. The smell is similar to pine.

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