Keys To Balancing Your Coats

Keeping your coat balanced is important to have an impeccable look. Whether it doesn’t fit right at the shoulder or the buttons, the moment it appears off balance, your outfit is ruined. Keep the basics in mind with these 4 keys to balancing your coats.

To start with ensure that you wear your coat with a horizontal line in it. It looks sloppy, when your coat is pulling down to one side and you get a diagonal line in your outfit. Keep it balanced from left to right.

Side to side balance is more easy to pull off. Front to back balance is more tricky, since your posture will play an important part. If you hunch over a lot, it will look like the coat is hanging on your shoulders. But leaning back to much and your coat will appear desperate not to fall off your  shoulders. It gives the perception that you either wear an oversized or an undersize coat. This is definitely not the stylish look any man is looking for. Put in the effort to maintain an upright posture.

In the picture below the model is sitting and hunching over, so it appears that the coat is oversized.

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Een foto die door suitsupply is geplaatst op

With the right posture and the right fit, your coat will be balanced both from left to right, as well as from front to back.

Then there is the balance of the buttons. The placement of the buttons is important to keep the balance between the chest (above the buttons) in proportion to the skirt (below the buttons). When the buttons are too low, you will appear to have a large chest and a small stomach. Having the buttons centered properly is key.

In the picture below the balance is centered too low. The quarters are too far away from the chest and too close to the trousers.

Then lastly you want the balance between the coat and the trousers to be right. You would like to have the width of the coat in a close  almost uninterrupted line with the width of the trousers. Otherwise you will create an umbrella look with thin legs and a wide coat.

This coat perceives to be too wide.

Keep the balance in your coat and not only will you wear elegant clothes, you will look impeccable as well. Like this gentleman.