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Demons, Mafia bosses, murderers, corrupt cops, they don’t need a full head of hair to commit all of those crimes, but most of them will look extra bad ass. Many of the villains are not just an extra prop for the heroes of the show to beat, shoot, arrest or to destroy, many of them have their own story and their own philosophy. In some way some of them actually mean to do good with their actions, while others are only out for their personal gain and to fill their desire.

Below is a list of 11 bald TV series villains, who made an impact  on the audience at home, watching their screens.

#11: Vic Mackey  – The Shield

Vic Mackey, portrayed by Michael Chiklis, is the main character of the TV Series The Shield. Mackey is a corrupt and violent detective, who made it a habit of stealing from drug dealers, beating suspects to pulp and even committing murder. One of these murders was of a cop, who tried to expose Mackey’s unit and he had to go. When he was not on the job he was a loving father and he saw himself as a true family man.

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See More Villains



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